Like snowflakes and fingerprints, every person is unique.


My Story

I would describe myself as an adventurous, compassionate, curious, and spiritual being with a vision and dedication to make a difference in people’s lives. Psychology has been a life-long passion for me. I expressed my initial interest in mental health at the tender age 11, declaring in a school yearbook that I would like to be a ‘psychiatrist’. This converted some years later into ‘psychologist’ as I got to learn the difference between the two. What led me down this path is a combination of a deep need to understand and improve human suffering and an insatiable curiosity regarding the human mind. It has been a path of ever-increasing growth, insight and awareness. I view psychotherapy as a process of awakening one’s authenticity and spontaneity, through the release of patterns imposed on us by life’s setbacks. I aim to co-create with clients a sacred space of safety and understanding where transformation can be nurtured. My role as psychologist is to be a facilitator of transformation. I aim to activate dormant potential and possibility; to discover the light within to allow you to illuminate your life path.

Training & Experience

My journey began at the University of Johannesburg (previously Rand Afrikaans University), where I completed all my psychology studies. I obtained a cum laude for both Honours and Masters. I was a member of the Golden Key International Society, a society honouring academic excellence. My training at the University of Johannesburg took an integrative approach. During my Honours year, I volunteered at Viva College working with teenagers and young adults with various mental disorders. I also volunteered briefly at SADAG and LifeLine. During Masters, I gained group and individual psychotherapy experience at Helen Joseph Hospital.

I have had experience in various psychiatric settings. I completed my internship at both Weskoppies Psychiatric Hospital and Tara H. Moross Institute. At Weskoppies I worked in the acute psychotic and mood disorders, personality disorders, and forensic wards. Additionally, I gained experience in Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), substance abuse and family therapy. At Tara H. Moross Institute I gained experience in the DBT program in ward 4 and 5, as well as in the neuropsychology unit. I went on to work at the Gauteng Metro Community Clinics in the wider Johannesburg area, where I conducted individual, couple and group psychotherapy on a wide-range of diagnoses, including trauma, bereavement/grief, personality disorders, panic attacks, anxiety disorders, phobias, depression, bipolar disorder, and various medical disorders, amongst others. I also conducted play therapy with children of various ages. Through my experience here, I continued with supervision in both the psychodynamic and somatic psychotherapy paradigms. I now find myself in private practice. I believe that a therapist’s job entails never-ending self-development and so I continue training and personally partaking in a variety of psychological and other healing methods.

HPCSA Nr: PS 013 5461
Practice Nr: 0860010752843

Interest Areas
Some of my interest areas include: somatic psychotherapy, trauma (acute, developmental and relational), Eastern healing modalities, shamanism, transpersonal psychology, hypnotherapy, addiction, meditation and mindfulness, and physical symptoms having emotional roots.

I thank you for allowing me to accompany you on your journey of healing.